lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

a memory about...

My house

My house, a nice place with a scent of happiness, I had a house and I just want to be here as I spent beautiful moments but also moments of anguish is life so therefore we must live well. But at home I'm staying.

My Parents

My parents, my pride, my lust for life are my inspiration so I'm hopefully in this life who are with me many more years, since childhood I was scolded and learned a little more of life. Parents thank you very much.

My Brother or Sister

My brother and sister are people who have taught me things in life, like living, studying when and how to get a family want to thank you for these brothers life


I always liked the fast food at McDonald `s, Burger King, Wendy and all that kind of food.I like Italian food from my childhood, Chinese food, as also arepas and all that really gave me.

My Grandparents

My grandparents died at barth, I had the opportunity to meet my grandparents, but through my parents I can see that some people were very nice.


I like all kinds of music I have no problem with that I never had, hip hop. Reggae, reggaeton, salsa as Oscar de Leon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, as elvis crespo merengue, all kinds of music.

My friends

In which people can trust, people who do not turn their backs on hard times, are my true friends and will be forever special people for me are my brothers.


Were the best times of my life, I miss the school and my friends, my teachers, strange things that today can not do because we have already passed that stage, Jan. l college friends and have learned to laugh with all.
I miss those days

My Toys

I really do not remember; just remember I also loved cars and action figures, spiderman, batman, as also the bikes mice. I remember more.

A vacation

I travel on vacation to visit my brothers or traveling with friends, either to cold or to the beach, in order to have a good time.

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Unidad 15

In this unit I have to talk about me, my born, hobbies, where I live and the professor ask us to make a snapshot about those things.

15. Where were you born?

• My name is Julio Ricardo Vilchez Reyes.

• Born in Maracaibo in 1988.

• I live in la California.

• 2nd semester’s student at Urbe University.

• I play soccer and baseball.

• Finish high school in 2005.

• I am 19 years Old.
Unidad 14

In unit 14 we have to talk about weekends. I want you to know one of my weekends. I think you will enjoy reading it.

14. Did you have a good weekend?

My name is Julio Vilchez and I want to tell you what do I did in my weekend. Fridays was very interesting because I went to a restaurant with my family and I met a beautiful girl and I invited her to get out with me the next day.

On Saturday I went to the mall to have a lunch with that girl and at night we went to the movie.

On Sunday she invited me to go to her house to listen some music.
Unidad 13

My name is Julio Vilchez and I’m going to talk about addresses in this unit. The professor asks us to make a map to explain how to get to some place. I make a map by myself.

13. You can’t miss it?

1. Plaza de toros is on El Mojan Avenue next to the Fundacion del niño.

2. There’s a DeCandido next to McDonald's.

3. There’s a pizza hut on the corner of Delicias avenue and Fuerzas Armadas Avenue.
Unidad 11

Unit 11 talks about the months of the year and the holydays like Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas and our birthday with the finality to learn a little more about it.

11. What are you going to do?

My name is Julio and my favorite month is June because it’s my birthday. My favorite day of the week is Friday because my parents go to my house. My birthday is on June ninth; By the way, it is my favorite celebration. I usually celebrate it in my vacations.

Unidad 10

My name’s Julio Vilchez and I like to play soccer and baseball with my friends in my free times and the weekends. We use to go to the club because there is a stadium. I like to practice these sports because I enjoy a lot playing with my friend and also doing exercise.

10. You can play baseball really well

Hello my name is Julio
Do you like sports?
Yes, I like sports.
What Sports do you like?
I like Soccer and baseball.
What do you watch on TV?
I watch Soccer, Tennis, and Baseball on TV.
Who do you Play Baseball With?
I play with some friends and family.
When does Your Team Practice?
We Practice on weekends.
What Time do you Practice on weekends?
We start at nine o’ clock in the morning.
Where do you go to play Baseball?
I go to the club.
What do your parents thinks of Baseball?
They Thinks it’s good for us.

Unidad 9

My name is Julio Vilchez, the unit 9 it’s about all kind of foods like vegetable, fruit, meat and beans between others. I’m going to tell you what I do like and what I dislike. I like fruit, meat and chicken but I don’t like fish either vegetable.


I like to eat a lot, but since I love to be healthy, I start the day with a big breakfast with scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, some slice of bread, and I like to drink bananas juice and coffee with milk. For lunch, I use to eat vegetables soup, fish, meet or chicken and vegetables. Some times, I eat bananas or another kind of fruit. For drink, I prefer just water. I eat a snack at 4: 00 pm; it could be cookies and juice or some yogurt. For dinner, I like to eat some cereal with a cup of milk.